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Chapter 05 Lab Notes

Lab Timetable and Known Issues
Lab Time Issues
General Note:Students will need to login as administrator like this: w2k8adxx\administrator. If you type only administrator it will assume that you want to login as administrator for the local computer
5-1 15 min None
5-2 10 min None
5-3 10 min Step #6 - Account is disabled will be clear no matter if all of the users are disabled, mixed, or not disabled. You must click the left column and then the right column signifies whether or not the option is to be enabled or disabled.
5-4 10 min None
5-5 10 min The Vista computer will need an IP address in the same network as ServerXX and the Vista computer’s DNS address must be the address of ServerXX.Please Note:  The Vista virtual machine evaluation download is no longer available on the Microsoft download site.  A Windows 7 eval is available and can be substituted.
5-6 10 min None
5-7 30 min Step #13 - Profile background may be black.
5-8 15 min Step #16 – Please do this additional step to delete the roaming default profile so Activities 7-9 and 7-19 will work correctly.  On your server, open the netlogon share: click Start and type \\ServerXX\netlogon in the Start Search box and press Enter.  Delete the default roaming profile folder by clicking Default User.v2 and pressing Delete.  Click Yes on all the subsequent prompts.
5-9 20 min None
5-10 20 min None
5-11 20 min None
5-12 10 min None
5-13 10 min None
5-14 10 min None
Total Time:  3hr 20 min
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