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Chapter 03 Lab Notes

Lab Timetable and Known Issues
Lab Time Issues
3-1 15 min A pop-up appears stating that you are using a dynamically assigned IP address, although Ipv4 is static. The pop-up is detecting that your Ipv6 is still dynamically assigned.  The options to continue are either Yes or No, with Yes being the only option that allows you to continue.
3-2 10 min None
3-3 15 min None
3-4 15 min None
3-5 10 min None
3-6 10 min None
3-7 10 min None
3-8 25 min None
3-9 30 min None
3-10 30 min After changing the group policy it may take awhile before it is applied. If you do not wish to wait you can open command prompt and type gpupdate /force.
Total Time:  2hr 50 min
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