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Chapter 09 Lab Notes

Lab Timetable and Known Issues
Lab Time Issues
9-1 35 min None
9-2 5 min None
9-3 15 min Step #15:  You may not see the GTLD servers. When you install DNS on Windows Server 2008, if the IP configuration already has a DNS server address configured, Windows Server 2008 automatically installs that address as a DNS Forwarder.  To fix this: right-click ServerXX in DNS Manager and click Properties.  Click theForwarders tab.  If a forwarder is listed, click Edit.  Click the IP address of each forwarder and  click Delete.
9-4 10 min None
9-5 6 min None
9-6 2 min None
9-7 13  min Step #14: After typing in the FQDN, rather than click Resolve, you should type in the IP address of Server1XX.
9-8 8 min None
9-9 3 min None
9-10 5 min None
Total Time:  1hr 42min
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