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Windows "10" Server Tech Preview Quick Look

I've taken a quick look at Windows "10" Server Technical Preview. Not a whole lot obvious has changed. It has the new Task View and multiple desktop option like Windows 10 client. The Start Menu does not have the tiled interface part, so it looks closer to the Windows 7/Server 2008 Start Menu. There are a couple new server roles and several new features. Plus, one each eliminated role and feature as follows (new roels and features are described in the screen shots).

Removed Roles: Application Server

Removed Features: Telnet Server

Added Roles: MultiPoint Services, Network Controller (read the description in the screenshot below.)

Added Features: MultiPoint Connector, Soft Restart, Windows Defender, Volume Replication

Here are some screenshots. Click on a screenshot to see the full-size version.


Windows "10" Server Desktop
and Start Menu


Server Manager looks the same.


Two new Roles.


Five new Features.

That's it for now. I'll let you know more as I have had a chance to play with it - for now, I'm still working on the 70-412 book for Windows Server 2012 R2. Can you believe it!! 

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